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Mossey Creek Outdoors, LLC

2788 Americus Hwy.
Dawson, GA 39842
Hunters should bring portable coolers large enough to transport their wild pork (with ice) home. Hunters are not obligated to keep all meat as we have a donation program to local families and churches within the area.

2015 Prices:
Wild Hog - Skin, Gut, and Quarter Only $45.00
Gut, Skin, and left whole $35.00 (small hogs)

*Sausage is an additional charge - see pricing below*

Standard Hog Processing by weight:
Under 50 lbs. $50.00
50-150 lbs. $65.00
151-200 lbs. $70.00
Over 200 lbs. $80.00

Sausage Pricing:
Pattie Sausage $1.75/lb
Fresh Link Sausage $2.00/lb
Jalapeño/Cheddar Pattie Sausage $2.25/lb
Jalapeño/Cheddar Fresh Link $2.50/lb
*We offer sausage seasonings in Regular Jalapeño/Cheddar and Italian*

Taxidermy Pricing:
Shoulder Mount Cape Out $25.00 (if Mossey Creek does not mount your trophy)
Full Body Cape Out $100.00 (if Mossey Creek does not mount your trophy)
Wild Boar Open Mouth Shoulder Mount $490.00
Wild Boar European Mount (Skull) $175.00

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