High tech solutions for high volume hog control

About Our Hog Hunting Services

Interested in our hog hunting services, but want to make sure we are the right men for the job? Find out why we are just that!

We have taken Georgia hog hunting and hog control to a new level. Our exceptional trophy boar hunting trips use military grade thermal equipment. Each of our guides is a retired Soldier with over 20 years of military service and is an extremely experienced hunter.

Task Force Guides

All guides at JAGER PRO are retired Soldiers with over 200 years of combined military and combat experience from the U.S. Army. Their backgrounds range from Olympians at the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit to Artillery, Infantry, Armor and Rangers. Their leadership successfully executed reconnaissance, convoy and combat missions during Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

The task force at JAGER PRO switched from a two-legged enemy to a four-legged invasive species using the same methods and equipment they used in combat. JAGER PRO has enjoyed a 99% success rate on our two-night hunts during the past seven years. Come experience the most exciting hog hunt of your life!

Our Hog Hunting Equipment

Each hunter will be issued a Remington R-25 semi-automatic rifle in .308 caliber topped with a $13,500 military grade thermal scope.

These hog hunting scopes are the same our Soldiers are using in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. These long range thermal spotting scopes can locate our big nocturnal quarry up to 1 mile away.

We can even use these devices to detect wild boars at night solely from their body temperature. Hunters silently maneuver into the wind delivering .308 caliber sniper rounds to these big brutes.

*** There is NO LIMIT on the number of hogs harvested per night.

Learn more about the products we use and sell for thermal and night vision hog hunting in our online store.

Our Hog Hunting Locations

JAGER PRO has access to over 250,000 acres of agriculture growing corn, peanuts, pecans and soybeans in southwest Georgia. These high protein hog hunting locations also produce 250+ pound boars. Be a gunner on the JAGER PRO Task Force during our nightly hog control missions in southwest Georgia. 


Hog Hunting Trip Details

  • All firearms, ammunition, night optics and thermal devices are provided.
  • Prices are $600 per person per night for two-night hunts.
  • Prices are $700 per person for one-night hunts.
  • Transportation included during the hunt.
  • NO LIMIT on the number of hogs harvested per night.
  • Hunts begin at dusk and end eight hours later.
  • Minimum hunters are two (2) per night.
  • Maximum hunters are nine (9) per night.
  • Plantation lodging is available at Piney creek Plantation at $75 per person per day.
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit will secure your hog hunting dates, with the balance to be paid upon arrival by cash, money order or cashiers check.
  • Not included in the price of the hunt: lodging, meat processing, meals and guide gratuity.

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