High tech solutions for high volume hog control

JAGER PRO M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System
(Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination)

Our Hog Trapping Research and Goals

JAGER PRO conducted three years of research and filmed 500+ hours of video to test multiple trapping methods since traps have emerged in a variety of gate designs, materials, sizes and shapes. 

Our goals were to document pig behavior and also quantify the capture success of each method tested. Results of our research can be viewed on video. 

Each month we release a new five-minute trapping video of lessons learned via our newsletter and YouTube Channel. Viewers can understand the most effective trapping methods by watching feral hogs react to various trap gates and enclosures. 

Our Hog Trapping Methods

Our trapping standard is 100% capture of the entire sounder group. There have been few published studies to determine the most efficient or the most cost effective trap design needed to accomplish this task in order to successfully reduce agricultural and environmental damage of wild hogs.

Option 1: Most Efficient Hog Trapping Method

JAGER PROEfficient - to spend the least amount of time, labor and fuel to accomplish 100% capture.

JAGER PRO's M.I.N.E Hog Trapping captures 20 Feral Hogs

The most efficient design in our research was a large corral trap (35’ diameter) using six 18-60™ trap panels, an automatic feeder and an eight feet wide M.I.N.E.™ gate closed by a remote control device. 

This method of trapping allowed us to capture entire sounder groups with the push of a button while onsite or viewing cellular pictures or live video from another location. Timers were set to broadcast feed every day at the exact same time. Cameras captured live video footage of hogs entering the trap enclosure until the entire sounder was conditioned to use the feeder as a daily food source. A human made an educated decision to close the gate using this method. 

This approach was our most efficient trapping method and demonstrated whole sounder removal in less than eight days every time. 

This method was also more expensive to operate because it required the use of a cellular camera for remote "text" pictures or a cell modem for IP streaming live video. 

Option 2: Cost Effective Hog Trapping Method
JAGER PROCost Effective - to spend the least amount of money to accomplish these same results.

JAGER PRO's M.I.N.E Hog Trapping captures 20 Feral Hogs

The most cost effective design in our research utilized the same large corral trap (35’ diameter) explained above using six 18-60™ trap panels, an automatic feeder and an eight feet wide M.I.N.E.™ gate closed by a remote control device. 

This method was created by several farmers working together. They combined efforts by purchasing ONE M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System, then set up multiple feed sites and cameras on their own farm lands. Once they conditioned the hogs at their bait site, they would set up the M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System, capture the hogs and dispatch them. Then tear it down and move it to a different bait site, repeating the process;

This method was the most cost effective but required much more time, labor and fuel to operate while producing the same results.

These technologies and methods are currently available through JAGER PRO™ sales.

Our Hog Trapping Research Conclusions

JAGER PRO's M.I.N.E Hog Trapping captures 20 Feral Hogs
  • Video intelligence is preferred over single pictures to receive the most complete feedback.
  • Camera must be positioned opposite the trap gate to properly view hogs still outside the enclosure.
  • Trap gate must be a minimum of eight feet wide with no visible frame to step over.
  • Narrow gate thresholds and frames on the ground will prevent a trap-shy adult from entering a trap.
  • Late winter months (December-March) provides the optimum trapping opportunity when hogs were searching for new food sources after the fall mast crops of acorns and hickory nuts are eaten.
  • Round traps provide the largest trap area for materials used and there are no corners for the animals to pile up and jump out.
  • Trapping is a very effective control method for removing large numbers of feral hogs if the task is performed correctly.